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Since 2006, a group of Naturopathic Physicians and students have volunteered at Seattle Marathon. The group has focused on assessment, management, and treatment of athletes. In 2017, the American Naturopathic Board of Sports Physicians was established and set a goal to provide an internationally acceptable certification program. The certification ensures the most up to date sports medicine related scientific research. ANBSP is the non-profit organization that not only provide and manage certification and membership but also host/ facilitate Sports Medicine symposium to educate fellow Naturopathic Physicians.


The ANBSP is the governing board for the Diplomate American Naturopathic Board of Sports Physicians (DANBSP) certification. The affiliated organizations provide education/training/seminars to take the certification exam. The ANBSP governs the administration of the examination and certification. This certification is for Naturopathic Physicians that are interested in specializing in Sports medicine.

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